Another victim of blasphemy law

Pakistani Christian woman appeals over death sentence Asia Bibi is believed to be the first woman sentenced to death under Pakistan’s blasphemy law. Her husband told the BBC her conviction was based on “false accusations”. Although no-one has ever been executed under the law, about 10 accused have been murdered before the completion of their … Continue reading

Faith and Free Speech: Defamation of Religions and Freedom of Expression

I found a good discussion on the subject of freedom of religion and freedom of expression that is worthy to share. It is a video of a PEN International event that took place on 16 September 2010 in Geneva. In the video one can watch a panel discussion with Dr. Agnes Callamard, director, ARTICLE 19 (UK), … Continue reading

I thought about fire

(Picture from the Recently, freedom of speech has been headlining many newspapers around the world. The most notorious case was that of Florida pastor Terry Jones, who had threatened to publicly burn copies of the Koran. The pastor drew attention of the whole world because he was organizing the international “Burn a Koran Day” … Continue reading