“The Palestine Papers”: Dealing Away Human Rights

As many of you have probably heard by now, the World has been rocked by yet another massive leak of some 1,600 confidential documents detailing meetings and negotiations between Israeli, Palestinian and American representatives. These documents, currently in the exclusive possession of The Guardian and Al Jazeera, reveal the massive concessions which the Palestinians are … Continue reading

Brazil: new president, old problems

“Dilma Rousseff sworn in as Brazil’s new president.” This statement was headlining the most important newspapers in the first of January 2011. This post is a brief analysis of the challenges that the new president will face regarding human rights in Brazil.   Lula did well in 8 years of presidency. He had just basic … Continue reading

Top 5 Human Rights Failures of 2010

As the new year begins, most news sites have been putting together their lists of such trivial matters as the top 10 movies or the top 10 sporting moments of 2010. Much of this irrelevant blabber draws great attention, as people look back on fond memories of another year gone by.  But while this distraction … Continue reading

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

As we usher in the New Year we bring with us hope that it will not only be a good year for us, but also a good year for the human rights of all of the world’s people. We are less than a week into 2011 and already there have been some victories. Unfortunately, there … Continue reading