Are they really pro-life? Republican hypocrisy threatens the right to life: Part 1

**Given the nature and complexity of the issue of abortion and its role in US politics, this will be a two-part entry. Anyone that follows politics in the United States knows that one of the most polarising political issues is abortion. Actually, it is a polarising issue no matter where you are, but for some … Continue reading

Has multiculturalism failed?

Last Saturday, at the Munich Security Conference, the British Prime Minister David Cameron said that state multiculturalism has failed. The failure of multiculturalism is a trend topic in Europe nowadays. Last year the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, said that the multicultural project of society has utterly failed. She said that the idea of people from different … Continue reading

Egypt and revolution: the human rights violations continue

Image: Ben Curtis/Associated Press I am quite sure that there are many among you following the situation in Egypt closely. Perhaps you’re eager to see an otherwise undemocratic nation become more democratic, thereby giving the Egyptian people a real chance at effective self determination. Maybe you are curious to see what form of government emerges … Continue reading