Bin Laden is dead. Torture is still wrong.

As US President Barack Obama enjoys the bump in his approval rating following the death of Osama Bin Laden, his Republican counterparts are clamouring for a piece of the credit and in doing so, they have rekindled the debate over whether the use of harsh interrogation techniques (or torture, to most of us) is justified. … Continue reading

Top 5 Human Rights Failures of 2010

As the new year begins, most news sites have been putting together their lists of such trivial matters as the top 10 movies or the top 10 sporting moments of 2010. Much of this irrelevant blabber draws great attention, as people look back on fond memories of another year gone by.  But while this distraction … Continue reading

Full body scanners and your “junk”

The video has been bandied about on US news programmes and made the rounds on the internet, but it is perhaps not that obvious to people the significance of it all. The video I am talking about, of course, involves one less-than-impressed individual who, after agreeing to a full body pat down at a US … Continue reading

“Stop looking for your son” – Human Rights Watch report on counterterrorism laws in Morocco

Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the world has seen an increase in the implementation of anti-terrorism laws aimed at combatting the perceived increased threat of terrorism. These law, in most cases, provide police forces with increased powers to detain and hold people suspected of being involved in terrorist activities. It is extremely … Continue reading