Misinformation and the politics of fear: the asylum debate in Australia

SPECIAL GUEST POST FROM FRIEND OF HUMAN RIGHTS FORUM, STEVE PHILLIPS. STEVE IS CURRENTLY A MASTER STUDENT OF INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS LAW AT ÅBO AKADEMI.   Both externally and internally, Australia prides itself on its strong human rights record and its standing as a good global citizen; however, deeper analysis shows a country that has … Continue reading

Short note: Expresa.la

Expresa.la is a new website with videos, blogs, cases, papers and virtual courses about human rights in Latin America. The idea of the website is to gather professors, students, lawyers to discuss relevant  themes about human rights in Latin America. They have videos from Boaventura de Sousa Santos, Roberto Gargarella, César Rodrígues Garavito and many other … Continue reading